Continental Delicacies from Karlovac County at the Good Food Festival
Continental Delicacies from Karlovac County at the Good Food Festival

Delicacies such as venison prosciutto, wild boar sausage, smoked trout, perch encrusted in seeds, chestnut cake, plum dumplings, strudel, wild cep mushroom soup, cabbage rolls with Ogulin cabbage that carries the EU designation of origin... these are just some of the traditional dishes of Karlovac County that visitors will have the opportunity to try at the presentation of the gastronomic tourist offer which will take place as part of the Good Food Festival Dubrovnik on 20 October 2016 at the restaurant Klarisa.


The creation of a specific and identifiable offer from Karlovac County uses as much food as possible obtained from local food producers, especially that which is typical for that part of Croatia, such as wild mushrooms and other fruits of the forest, wild game, fish from the local rivers, flour from the stone mills from the village of Rastoke on the Slunjčica River and everything that guests who visit this area can enjoy in meals and desserts that have been locally prepared throughout history.


Various nations left an imprint on the culture of this region, which is located at the convergent point of many different European roads. Strudel is known in many places in the world, but Karlovac strudel is absolutely exceptional because it combines the exceptional flavours of apples and grapes and other foods grown in the region, which gives it an especially delicious flavour. Last year in September, in the small village of Jaškovo, near the river Dobra and the city of Ozalj, following the old recipe from the Ozalj region, the longest strudel in the world was baked, measuring 1,479 metres long, and it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records.


At the presentation of the gastronomy of Karlovac County visitors will have the opportunity to meet one of the creators of the longest strudel in the world, Mrs. Marica, a local cook, possibly to participate in the kneading, and surely to taste this sweet specialty.

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