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    Does a more beautiful setting exist than stone churches and streets a picturesque sunset, the peeling of Dubrovnik bells, walls which embrace and fortresses which retain every story of love and which are an embellishment to every wedding photograph? The numerous bridal couples who say the fateful I do every year in Dubrovnik are the best confirmation of recognition of the city below Mount Srđ as a favourite wedding destination. According to information from the Dubrovnik registrars office for 2009, 66 marriages of foreign citizens took place up to the end of September in Dubrovnik.

    On the most beautiful street in the world - the Stradun - each stone remembers footsteps full of anticipation, listens in on tender words, keeps secrets, welcomes those in love and sees off weddings. Hence is this City one of the most attractive and romantic wedding destinations of which everyone dreams.

    In Dubrovnik, one of the worlds most beautiful cities, dreams of love and a romantic wedding become a reality, and the wedding act unique and unforgettable. Bridal couples have the chance in Dubrovnik to discover a magical atmosphere, a top-class offer, romance at every footstep and make the wedding of their dreams come true. The church of St. Blaise in the very centre of the city with its magnificent Baroque surroundings, the atrium of the Rectors palace where e the echo of I do resounds in the harmony of stone, a wedding under the stars on Fort Revelin, the first kiss on the prow of a sailing ship reflected in the blue expanse of sea , scattered petals on stone steps....

    Weddings in Dubrovnik are weddings to remember - light-hearted, interesting, completely original and above all special - in a city which is known as one of the most romantic in the world.

    Young couples throng to Dubrovnik, the wonderful city Bernard Shaw described as Heaven on earth. The best proof that Dubrovnik is a magnet for wedding vows is the information from the Dubrovnik registrars office for 2009. Up to the end of September 66 marriages of foreign citizens took place in Dubrovnik, of which fifty-two were civil marriages and fourteen with a religious ceremony. The largest number of foreign couples were from Great Britain (16), Ireland (11), Slovenia (5), the USA, Norway, Bosnia and Hercegovina... We add that there are also frequently marriages between Croatian citizens who decide to marry outside their place of domicile, very often in the presence of just their closest friends and wedding sponsors precisely in Dubrovnik. The favourite wedding venues are the Sponza Palace with twelve marriages taking place, the Island of Lokrum with five marriages, and Hotel Excelsior also with five. Along with Hotel Argentina, the Dubrovnik Place and Hotel Splendid, chosen locations were the Rectors Palace, St. Johns Fort, the staircase in front of the Dominican Monastery and the Pile Gate area.

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