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Good Food Festival Dubrovnik 2017 Press Conference
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The fourth edition of the Good Food Festival will be held from 19th until 22nd October 2017
Good Food Festival Dubrovnik 2017 Press Conference
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On Thursday 5th October in the headquarters of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board there was a press conference about Dubrovnik Good Food Festival 2017, an event which will be held in Dubrovnik from 19th until 22nd October. The speakers included the Director of the Tourist Board Romana Vlašić, Head of Department of Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Sea Marko Miljanić, the President of the charity Deša Jany Hansal, the Principal of the Tourism and Hospitality High School Antun Perušina, the Manager of the Dubrovačka Pivovara brewery Dario Ševelj and the Manager of the Events Department in Rixos Libertas Hotel Sanda Pavlinić. After the conference there was a banquet, which was an enticing introduction to the Good Food Festival 2017.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board has created a gastronomic delight for all good food lovers which will take place from 19th until 22nd October and which will include numerous events. The rich programme of the fourth edition of the Good Food Festival will have a tempting offer of tasty food and the best wines.

As special part of the programme, we would like to single out the seven workshops which will take place in The Tourist Board Headquarters on Pile, four workshops on traditional sweets preparation organized by the charity Deša as well as two workshops on picking cane apples, making jam and edible plant foraging organized by the Association Škola from Majkovi. There will also be a special dinner featuring dishes by the famous chef Priska Thuring accompanied by the music of the diva Zorica Kondža as well as the dinner by Ivan Pažanin. The Festival will also feature the Dubrovnik Table event and a formal closing of the Festival at a gala fundraiser in Hotel Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik. All the proceeds from this dinner will go to the association Dva skalina.

Besides its rich programme, the Festival also includes different events taking place during the four days of the Festival: wine tasting events, healthy food and traditional produce stands, gastronomic tours, a special Festival dessert offer, special Festival menus at a promotional 100 kuna price in 28 Dubrovnik restaurants and the Days of Slavonian Cuisine in restaurant Mimoza. More than 50 restaurants will be participating in the Festival: 30 restaurants with special Festival menus, four wine bars organizing wine tasting events, four hotels, several pastry shops as well as the first Dubrovnik brewery, which is a novelty for beer lovers. Numerous other restaurants will be participating in the Dubrovnik Table event.

The Festival's offer will be even richer thanks to the participation of the famous chefs Priska Thuring, Ivan Pažanin and Ozgur Donnertas as well as instructors in various workshops: Marina Žibert Ercegović, Tereza Poljanić, Maja Brekalo, Jadranka Ničetić, Lucija Tomašić, Antonia Medo, association Deša and association Škola from Majkovi. We will also welcome guests from the Island of Krk's Vinotel, Croatia's first wine hotel, as well as guests from the Vukovar-Srijem County who will present their traditional dishes and wines from the region.

Besides its gastronomic and oenological character, the Festival also aims to be educational and humanitarian. This year, in cooperation with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the House of Marin Držić, the Festival has organized a special guided tour on the topic of 'Marin Držić and the Ragusan Renaissance Cuisine'  for the students of the Private Grammar School in Dubrovnik. The students of the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality High School will have the chance to participate in a special workshop under the title 'Pasta and Conversations about Food' led by Marina Žibert Ercegović.

Besides the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the organizers of the Dubrovnik Table, which is a fundraiser event, are the following: the City of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, County Branch, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the Guild of Dubrovnik Caterers and the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality High School.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board wishes to thank all the restaurants, wine bars, hotels and other venues which have supported the Festival and thus made its program richer. We would like to extend special thanks to the restaurants Mimoza, Kantenari, Porat as well as the Hotel Rixos Libertas which have allowed us to organize events in their venues and provided us with the expertise of their staff. We would also like to thank our partner Electrolux for providing us with a mobile kitchen as well as the charity Deša, the House of Marin Držić and the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality High School, as all of them have contributed to the Festival's programme in different ways for years in a row.

The Good Food Festival is bound to thrill all its visitors, just like it did the previous three years.

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