Dubrovačka magnolija

In Bošković street, number 20, in the very heart of the City of Dubrovnik, is located "Dubrovačka magnolija", renowned by its unique traditional souvenirs, gifts and art, with Dubrovnik as never ending inspiration.

Dubrovačka magnolija
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Combination of creativity and originality resulted with beautiful, hand-painted silk scarves, ceramics and paintings with motifs of Dubrovnik, sculptures from stone, wood and metal, patchwork wall paintings inspired by Dubrovnik’s climate and most beautiful examples of traditional embroidery of this region. Special, as a magical flower whose name it bears, "Dubrovačka magnolija" offers its visitors a unique, handmade purses with motifs of traditional jewelry and embroidery of Dubrovnik region, boats that marked the glorious history of Dubrovnik made of wax, hand painted lavender bags and many other souvenirs as a reminder of the incredible visit to this charming Mediterranean town.


- Traditional Dubrovnik ships of wax and wood
- Stone statues of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik area
- Wooden watches and postcards of old Dubrovnik
- Hand-painted bags of lavender

- Coastal, Mljet and Konavle mooring
- Patchwork
- Ethno bags
- Dolls with traditional costumes

- Paintings of Dubrovnik in various techniques
- Artistic items and sculptures of wood and metal
- Ceramic items
- Hand-painted silk with distinguishing Dubrovnik motives


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