Heritage Shop

Heritage shop is a unique place in Dubrovnik, inspired by rich cultural and historical heritage of both Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Heritage Shop
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It is decorated in the spirit of an old Dubrovnik parlour and it is paved with ancient rectangular red and white stone panels which were used at the time of the Dubrovnik Republic.
The assortment comprises a wide array of works of art, antiques, unique ceramics, authentic replicas and usable items from the rich Croatian history since the Age of Antiquity until the present day.
All products are hand-made in collaboration with Croatian artists and craftsmen. They have been made in a traditional way as unique items or in very small series. Our replicas have been made in collaboration with archaeologists and scientist as well as museums and conservation institutes.
Heritage Shop is located in Dubrovnik, in Ulica Petra Krešimira IV. No. 7, in the close proximity of the lower cable car station.
Please come and visit us! We shall be delighted to share with you a part of Croatian history.

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