Konavle Embroidery

The Konavle embroidery is a basic decorative element of the womens national costume...

Konavle Embroidery

of this part of the Dubrovnik region. Applied on the bodice and cuffs, it was originally embroidered in silk thread - obtained from the silkworm that was solicitously bred in every house of Konavle - and dyed with natural colours.

The strictly symmetrical geometric motifs were embroidered in a myriad of forms, most often in red, black and dark green with gold-yellow trimming. In the Old City of Dubrovnik you will see a woman embroiderer dressed in the original national costume of Konavle who diligently embroiders bookmarks, tablecloths and cushions which seem to tempt you take them into your home as a beautiful and unique souvenir.

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