Tastes of tradition - Blato table
Tastes of tradition -  Blato table

For the purpose of presenting the rich Croatian gastronomy, this year's festival will present traditional Blato desserts. In addition to the presentation of the book "Blato Table" by Rade Kaštropila. At this event the Croatian Heritage Foundation will also announce the 8th Days of Blato Lumblija, where, along with traditional Blato sweets, the sweets of the island of Korčula will be presented.

Gastronomy and indigenous, traditional cakes are part of the history that connects our regions and emigration. Emigrants from Dalmatia mostly left the country in search of a better life. To the four corners of the world they could only bring the flavours, smells and memories of their hometown. Among the many fond memories were the recollections of their mothers' and grandmothers' meals that brought them back to childhood. Such a traditional cake is the Blato Lumblija which is part of the customs of the town of Blato.

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