Welcome to Dubrovnik 2016. Edition
Welcome to Dubrovnik 2016. Edition

This year’s issue of the Welcome to Dubrovnik magazine, includes a special section dedicated to Dubrovnik’s patron Saint Blaise, whose big anniversary - the 1700th year of his martyrdom - will be commemorated throughout this year through special and themed events. The topics in this issue deal with Dubrovnik’s tradition and history, but also with the present day in which the City and its people live.

We would like you to get to know- and grow fond of our City through the many interesting stories in this issue of the Welcome to Dubrovnik magazine. You will have the opportunity to find out why the Dutch married couple Florina Gerardine Bouwland and Wolter Van Wijk, owners of the Prijeko Palace Hotel, became permanent “captives” of the beauty of Dubrovnik, confirming with their persistence their immense commitment to the City at the foot of Mount Srđ.

Our fellow citizens who have inspired us to include their stories in the 2016 Welcome include, Marina Žibert, the well-known Dubrovnik chef and owner of the Sesame Restaurant; Captain Srećko Ban, commander of one of the world’s biggest cruise ships; Marko Dabrović, the world famous and multi-award-winning architect and Stjepko Mamić, the painter with an enviable international career. The stories of the enthusiastic people from Dubrovnik who live in New York and their New York Dubrovnik Club that is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and Marko Hezonja, the first basketball player from Dubrovnik in the NBA league are also in this issue.

Worth mentioning, too, are the articles revealing why Dubrovnik people are so proud of all they have inherited and are safeguarding for future generations, such as the marvellously attractive cosmetic products from one of Europe’s oldest apothecaries - the story of the Franciscan Pharmacy, the abolition of slavery in the Dubrovnik Republic, and the intriguing and many-layered history of the Lazaretto quarantine buildings.

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