A special edition of Welcome to Dubrovnik dedicated to St. Blaise
A special edition of Welcome to Dubrovnik dedicated to St. Blaise

˝The day that comes once a year˝, the Festivity of St. Blaise, has already been 
celebrated for 1044 years, and this year is wholly marked by our patron because on 
the occasion of the 1700th anniversary the his martyrdom, the City of Dubrovnik has 
proclaimed 2016 the Year of St. Blaise. As a contribution to the celebration of the 
Year of St. Blaise and inspired by the desire for our tourists and visitors to become 
acquainted with all segments of the Festivity, we have published a special issue 
dedicated to the importance and figure of St. Blaise in addition to the regular edition 
of the magazine.

Kandelora and doves that are set free, an inspirational anthem to St Blaise, flags and 
folk costumes, prelates, the secular city leaders, diplomats and politicians, throat 
blessing, majestic procession of believers ... For centuries, the festival has been 
unchanged, as well as the affection of inhabitants of Dubrovnik and its surrounding to 
their patron St. Blaise, his character and work that is woven into all aspects of 
Dubrovnik past and present. In 2009 this celebration was inscribed on UNESCO's 
Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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