City of Dubrovnik Virtual Museum

In the Night of Museums 2011, Dubrovnik's Fort Revelin became home to the Virtual Museum of the City of Dubrovnik authored by Ivica Prlender and Stjepko Varga.  Owing to large touch screens and original interface, numerous international visitors to Dubrovnik have since been able to use the new media in order to do the things which, most often, have been impossible for many experts.

City of Dubrovnik Virtual Museum

For instance, to explore the precious Dubrovnik Republic's archives, walk through the parks of Renaissance summer residences, decipher the early-Renaissance graffiti at the «hidden» Dubrovnik Cathedral, reminiscence the unforgettable Dubrovnik Festival nights, enjoy the view of Konavle's Fort Soko through the eyes of Ilija Crijević, make a tour of the fortifications of Ston... Aiming not to replace the irreplaceable monuments with digital photography and video, but to see the otherwise inaccessible historic materials by means of advanced technologies. Numerous collaborators in this long-term project include the photographers Damil Kalogjera, Mario Majcan, Dennis Firšt and Nikola Petljak, as well as the Croatian theatre doyens and leading actors Milka Podrug Kokotović, Miše Martinović and Goran Grgić.

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