Around Town by Taxi

There are taxi stands in all of the busiest parts of the city and taxi service fares are clearly displayed.

Around Town by Taxi

Upon entering a taxi, the taximeter must be turned on with the initial (start) value of 27,00 kuna. If the taxi meter is not running, the customer is not required to pay the fare. Each additional kilometre costs 9,00 kuna. Up to 4 people can ride in a taxi. The fare for waiting is 150,00 kuna per hour, and 2,00 kuna for each piece of luggage.

In case of complaints against the taxi services, it will be useful to ask the driver for a receipt with a valid stamp, the description of the service, and the vehicle registration number.

The taxi fare from Gruž Port (from points where boats on cruise lines dock, which is 4 km from the Old City) to Pile, which is the western gate into the Old City, will cost you 70,00 kuna per taxi, while the fare from Pile to one of the hotels in the other parts of the city will be about 80,00 kuna, depending on the distance.

Taxi services can be used for an unforgettable panoramic tour of the city and its surroundings (1 hour costs 385,00 kuna). This kind of tour usually includes a drive across the new ˝Dr. Franjo Tudjman Bridge˝, which offers views of the port of Gruž, Lapad, Rijeka Dubrovačka and nearby islands, then a ride along the Adriatic Highway overlooking the whole city, and finally, a trip to Fort Imperial which is located at 412 metres above sea level on Srđ Mountain, from which you will enjoy an unforgettable view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

You can also arrange the price with the taxi driver for a full-day or half-day excursion to the areas around Dubrovnik.

Taxi client: 020 411 411
Plavi taxi: 020 332 222
Taxi Ragusa: 0800 1441
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