Pizzeria Oliva

    Pizzeria Oliva, in the Old Town just behind the famous St. Blaise church, is a very friendly venue, with a great choice of pizzas, pastas and fresh salads.

    Pizzeria Oliva
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    In their nicely decorated interior and appealing exterior, Oliva's welcoming staff will complete the relaxed atmosphere and good food quality that caters for all ages and tastes. This is one of the rare pizza places where you can indulge yourself in the great array, for Oliva uses only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, and well chosen wines, all served with smooth vibes, which will surely make your day. So, yeah, they definitely have the best pizza in town.

    If you really need a recommendation, try their Gourmand with fresh mushrooms, bacon and peppers, or perhaps Rocket with pesto, or maybe ... if you are in hurry you can take away delicious pizza slice on their street window!


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