Dubrovnik Winter Festival and New Year's Eve Celebration 2018
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2 December 2017 - 6 January 2018
Dubrovnik Winter Festival and New Year's Eve Celebration 2018
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Dubrovnik Winter Festival is a project run by the City of Dubrovnik, cultural public institutions, Dubrovnik Tourist Board and public undertakings. During the Festival, i.e. in the period starting from Advent until the New Year, various cultural and entertainment events will be organized on several locations inside the Old City and in other parts of Dubrovnik.
The opening ceremony of the fourth edition of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival will be held on Saturday, 2nd December 2017 when the first Advent candle will be lit. The event will be followed by a long-awaited concert by Gibonni in front of the Church of Saint Blaise. The rich musical programme from the beginning of the Festival until Christmas will include performances on Stradun by Jacques Houdek, Massimo, Pavel and Marko Tolja.
As an overture for the New Year's Eve celebration, on 30th December there will be a concert of the popular band the Frajle and as for the New Year's Eve celebration itself, the citizens of Dubrovnik and their guests will be entertained by Dino Merlin, Pravila igre and Songkillers. Following an established tradition, on New Year's Day the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will have a performance at noon on Stradun.
This year, in cooperation with the Valamar Lacroma Hotel, on 22nd December, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will also have a special Christmas concert together with three klapas from Dubrovnik: Ragusa, Subrenum and Kaše as well as the soloists Marija Kuhar Šoša, Stijepo Gleđ Markos and Đani Stipaničev.
Besides a rich entertainment and musical programme, the Festival also features numerous cultural events which will be organized by cultural institutions of the City of Dubrovnik, but also interesting thematic workshops for all age groups which have been prepared by various institutions and associations.
In cooperation with educational institutions, the Dubrovnik Natural Science Museum will organize creative Christmas tree decorating workshops using natural materials. They will also provide guided tours of the Museum as well as a complementary colouring book featuring holiday motifs.
The City of Dubrovnik Libraries will organize a clay-modelling workshop for children and adults under the name Holiday Bells and Lanterns in the Old City Library. As part of the The Story of Bethlehem programme, The Community of Technical Culture of Dubrovnik will organize workshops for making nativity scenes. Together with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dubrovnik they will create an application guiding visitors through nativity scenes in Dubrovnik's churches and open spaces.
The Museum of Modern Art will participate in the Festival with the opening of the international exhibition of photographs by Ahmet Ertug which will take place on 14th December. One of today's most renowned photographers Ahmed Ertug will present his photographs from the cycle depicting iconic buildings such as the Scala in Milan or the Paris Opera. For the Dubrovnik exhibition, the famous photographer has prepared three photographs of Dubrovnik’s most important building. For the first time, the Museum of Modern Art will host a Christmas Reception and present a Christmas tree decorated by Marijana Vukić, a contemporary Croatian artist.
There is also a new project, Christmas Tree Mapping, based on decorating Christmas trees in different locations. Visitors will be able to see the trees by using a special application and artists interested in the project are invited to join creative workshops. 
Singing the traditional Christmas carol 'kolenda' makes part of the Festival programme as well and numerous klapas will join in the singing in the streets of Dubrovnik.
During the Festival, Saturday mornings will be marked by performances of the Folklore Ensemble Linđo and by guided tours of the City which will be organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. The Board will also, for the 10th consecutive year, organize a Cake Party fundraiser on Stradun which will include music, a performance by the Lazareti Dance Studio and the Step and Jazz Studio as well as a large selection of desserts. It will take place on the 9th December in front of the Church of Saint Blaise. The children of Dubrovnik will find it especially cheerful when, on 16th December, music, dance and entertainment take over the City and The Christmas Tale becomes reality.
It is precisely for the youngest ones that this year's Winter Festival will create a special holiday atmosphere in the Lapad Promenade area as well. Various events for children will be organized there as well as a holiday train, an ice skating rink and a new programme named Ice and Chocolate.
Another piece of news for the little ones will be Teddy Bear's Park in Pile which will be decorated in an especially charming holiday style. Dijana Sinanović and Zrinka Japunčić from the Lazareti Dance Studio and Le Petit Festival du Theatre association will coordinate special holiday events. Another park that will be decorated in the holiday spirit is the Luj Šoletić Park in Gruž which will also have two food booths selling holiday fare.
Gundulić Winter Dream is the title of the part of the programme taking place on Gundulić Square where there will be more food booths and decorations and where holiday events will be more numerous when compared to last year.
Advent Sunday Afternoons in Mokošica will be marked by various events taking place at the sports court next to the Café Kiss. The court will be decorated in a Christmas spirit as well. In cooperation with various associations there will be activities and entertainment accompanied by musical events appropriate for people of all ages. On popular demand, several food booths will be installed there as well.
Considering the amazing reactions to the Winter Festival, a prerequisite for which is free public transport, Libertas Dubrovnik will ensure free transport on bus lines towards the Old City and Lapad in the afternoon and evening hours.
The Central Festival Information Centre will be located in Luža, where visitors will also be able to buy holiday souvenirs.


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