Dubrovnik Museums closed until further notice
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Dubrovnik Museums closed until further notice

Following the previous measures taken by the City of Dubrovnik aimed at combating the spread of the infectious coronavirus, from Sunday the 15th of March 2020 until further notice, all museums in Dubrovnik will be closed to visitors.

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Rector Palace, granary Rupa



The measure refers to the Dubrovnik Museums (the Cultural and Historical Museum in the Rector's Palace, the Maritime Museum in the St. John Fortress, the Ethnographic Museum in the granary Rupa, the exhibitions of the Archaeological Museum in the Revelin Fortress), the House of Marin Držić, the Dubrovnik Art Gallery (Banac Palace, the gallery Dulčić-Masle-Pulitika, the Pulitika Atelier), the Dubrovnik Natural History Museum and the Dubrovnik Homeland War Museum.

- Citty walls –  closed

- Cable car –  closed

- State Archives Dubrovnik – Open

- Dominican Monastery Dubrovnik – Closed

- Franciscan Monastery Dubrovnik – Closed

- The Cathedral Treasury – Closed

- Red history musem – closed


- The Trsteno Arboretum - closed

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